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Wakala ya Serikali Mtandao.

Huduma Mtandao

Huduma Mtandao


In the five years period, the Agency has developed and improved key infrastructure and systems for facilitating the provision of e-services across the public service. Some of the initiatives in this area include:

Website for Public Institutions

he Agency designed and developed 411 websites: 200 for Ministries, Independent Departments and Agencies, 26 for Regional Administration and 185 for Local Government Authorities to facilitate the provision and accessibility of information and e-services to the public. Each website’s content is managed by its respective institution.

Recruitment Portal (http://portal.ajira.go.tz)

he Recruitment Portal was designed and developed in 2013 by the Agency and managed by the President’s Office, Public Service Recruitment Secretariat. It is a system for facilitating some of the recruitment processes that were being handled manually which  were tedious and prone to error.  As of December 2017, the Portal had 221,081 registered users of which 164,513 are active and 56,568 are inactive with a total of 427,428 job applications. The subscriptions in the portal are made via web and mobile.

Parliamentary Online Information System - POLIS

The Agency revamped Parliamentary Online Information System (http://parliament.go.tz/polis/) in 2015. The system contains information on Parliament such as Bills, Acts, Speeches, Hansard of various parliamentary sessions and data on members of parliament and their constituencies. The system is managed by the office of the National Assembly

Government Mobile Services

The Agency has facilitated Public Institutions to offer e-services through mobile technology by providing them with SMS and/or USSD Short codes, like facilitating payment of various services such as driving license and traffic fines; NHIF beneficiary verifications and PCCB corruption acts reporting.

Live Streaming 

Live Streaming enables live coverage of important Government events over the internet depending on the events. Among institutions that have used the system are The State House, Office of the National Assembly and the National Electoral Commission. The stream is visible using computers and smartphones. The service is also delivered in conjunction with the Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) for conventional media consumers.