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Usimamizi wa TEHAMA

Usimamizi wa TEHAMA


During the five years of operation, the Agency provided advisory services to 299 Public Institutions and 2947 technical support services in areas of ICT Systems Review, Security Assessment, Development of Disaster Recovery Plan, and Development of ICT strategy, Development of ICT Policy, Development of Enterprise Architecture and ICT Project Review. 

Client Service System 

In perfecting its services, the Agency has developed and implemented a Helpdesk System for client services to facilitate provision of technical assistance to Public Institutions. The system is available 24/7/365. To date, 2787 issues have been attended to. The system is accessible via http://helpdesk.ega.go.tz,  e-mail: egov.helpdesk@ega.go.tz and through phone number +255 764 292 299 and +255 763 292 299.

ICT Training

The Agency offered various e-government training programmes including network management – 240 institutions, Government Mailing System – 359 institutions, delivery of public e-services -76 institutions and website management - 411 institutions. 

Stakeholders Communication

e-Government implementation necessitates the Agency to cultivate strong and sustained collaboration with all stakeholders  including Public Institutions,  Private Sector, Higher Learning Institutions, Development Partners and the general Public. 

    Higher Learning and Research Institutions 

The Agency signed Memorandums of Understanding with some Higher Learning Institutions to collaborate in building the capacity of government ICT human resources and to do research that will advance the e-government initiatives. The institutions include University of Dodoma, Open University of Tanzania, College of ICT of the University of Dar es Salaam and the Nelson Mandela Arusha Institute of Science and Technology (NM-AIST).

    Foreign Institutions 

The Agency has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Science Department in the Indian Ministry of Communication and Science through which it has been able to offer various ICT training to abreast Agency staff and exchange experiences of e-government implementation.

    Private Sector

The Private Sector is a valuable partner in e-Government implementation. During the period, the Private Sector was engaged in developing some of the applications, implementing ICT Infrastructure and building capacity. 

    Development Partners

The Agency continued cooperation with Development Partners in all areas of e-government implementation including capacity building.