Mamlaka ya Serikali Mtandao

Uadilifu na Ubunifu kwa Utoaji Huduma Bora kwa Umma

Kutoka kwa Mkurugenzi Mkuu


On behalf of management and staff of e-Government Authority (e-GA), I am delighted to welcome you to our new Website and e-GA online TV, which have been redesigned and developed with the main objective of providing the general public with a closer reach on what the Authority is doing with regards to its efforts to improve public service delivery through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

It is my belief that the website and online TV (which can also be accessed through this website) will be more informative and educational tools to the general public, through which various documents and video sessions are made easily available for public access and consumption. Such documents are the e-Government Act, 2019 and its Regulations, Standards and Guidelines, and Performance Reports, thus making the site being one of the reference points of e-Government implementations. We have taken time to simplify these references through our e-GA online TV.

One of Authority’s mandated functions is to determine and promote new and improved ways of public administration through the use of ICT that results into enhanced provision of interactive services to public servants and citizens through a spectrum of well managed ICT infrastructures that lead to the ultimate goal of fostering the economic growth through industrialization.

I also would like to mention the invaluable contribution of our continued efforts and attitude in innovation and creativity on various e-Government initiatives that adhere to the highest performance standards, which make the Authority being an exemplary institution that conducts its daily business operations in a commendable pace and spirit. This and others have been made possible by a rigorous management and staff, who dedicated their efforts to the improvement of the Government performance and service delivery.

Lastly, I call upon everybody to frequently and intensively explore our website and e-GA online TV and contact us for any additional information required or ­­­comments for improvement.

We thank you for your continued support and cooperation and looking forward to work with you in a more collaborative way.

Dr. Jabiri Kuwe Bakari

Ag. Director General